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Elaboration of all engineering networks and internal communications of the future facility

Architectural design — this is the process of creating an architectural project, which includes the development of a plan, drawings and specifications for the construction of a building or structure.

The architectural project must meet all the requirements for this type of buildings or structures, and take into account the needs and wishes of the customer.

Architectural design includes the following main stages:



At this stage, the architect studies the requirements of the customer, the features of the site on which the building will be erected, as well as the regulatory requirements for this type of buildings or structures.


Creating a concept

At this stage, the architect develops the overall concept of the project, including a plan, a space-planning solution and a style solution.


Development of drawings and specifications

At this stage, the architect prepares detailed drawings and project specifications that will be used for construction.

The architectural project must meet the following requirements:


The building should be functional and convenient for its intended use.


The building should be beautiful and attractive


The building should be safe for the people who will use it

environmental friendliness

The building must be eco-friendly and meet modern energy efficiency requirements