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Design of residential and commercial premises
(interior, exterior)

Interior design — this is the process of creating a functional and aesthetic space that meets the needs and desires of the people who will use it. It includes the development of a plan, the selection of materials and furniture, as well as the implementation of the project.

The design of the premises can be applied to various types of premises, including apartments, houses, offices, shops, restaurants, etc. It can be made in various styles, from classical to modern.

The designer should take into account the following factors when developing the project:


The space should be convenient for its intended use. For example, the kitchen should be functional and convenient for cooking, and the bedroom should be comfortable for sleeping


The space should be beautiful and attractive. The designer should use colors, materials and furniture that will create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere.


The space should be safe for the people who will use it. The designer should choose materials and furniture that will not pose a danger to people's health and life

Environmental friendliness

The space should be eco-friendly and meet modern energy efficiency requirements. The designer should use materials that do not harm the environment

Interior design — this is a complex and multifaceted process that requires a creative approach from the designer, knowledge of materials and technologies, as well as an understanding of people's needs.

The main stages of interior design:



The designer studies the needs and wishes of the customer, as well as the features of the room


Creating a concept

The designer develops the overall concept of the project, including the plan, style solution and color scheme


Development of drawings and specifications

The designer prepares detailed drawings and specifications of the project, which will be used for implementation



The designer or a team of specialists implements the project using materials and furniture selected in accordance with the concept.