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Tashkent, Yashnabad district, Makhtumkuli 105

You have questions,
and we have the answers!

It is necessary to provide an apartment plan, get a free consultation from our specialist, and conclude a contract for services

Our office is located at the address: 105 Makhtumkuli str., Tashkent

The designer from Art Design Group clarifies your preferences and begins working on your project.

Work begins only after signing a contract for the development of a design project and making an advance payment by the customer. After that (usually after 2-4 days), by agreement with the customer, the company's specialist goes to the facility to perform measurements, having previously agreed on the date and time. After the measurements are made (usually in 1-2 days), the designer calls the customer and arranges for the first meeting to fill out the technical specification, discuss styles, color solutions, functional areas, etc.

After this meeting (usually after 14-15 days), the designer offers (more often by e-mail, in the tg messenger) redevelopment options, then floor plans, ceilings, lighting, etc. Each stage is offered to the customer in several variants, the necessary adjustments are discussed and made

After the acceptance of the next stage, we begin to discuss the next one.

Our designers work in a professional 3D MAX space visualization program. Working drawings are executed in Autodesk AutoCAD.

The finished design project is transmitted electronically in JPG or Adobe PDF image format. Source files in AutoCAD (dwg) and 3ds Max (max) formats are not transmitted to the customer.

Yes, our specialists are united in teams in different directions and are ready to perform all the necessary work indoors, while a contract for services is concluded with the customer and the stages of work are determined.

After completion of each stage of work, we coordinate the result with the customer and proceed to the next stage.

The duration of the work depends on the volume of the object's area, is calculated individually and specified in the contract.

Yes, it is possible. At the same time, it is necessary to calculate the estimate according to the project, and timely ensure the availability of building materials for the work.

If necessary, we can recommend the products of our partners.

When concluding a contract for a turnkey repair service, Art Design Group develops a design project free of charge.